In the 21st century, everyone and everything is dependent on computer and technology one way or the other. But this dependency cause problem when computers are attacked by malicious software. This causes computers to stop working or the files in the computer get decrypted. One such Malicious Software is RANSOMWARE.

Now the question arises What is RANSOMWARE? A Ransomware is defined as the malicious software decrypt or locks up people’s computer data and then threaten to destroy it if the ransom amount is not paid. These type of malicious software are generally transmitted by e-mail and web pop ups.

On May, 2017, around a year ago computer system all over the world particularly in Asia and Europe are attacked by the “WANNACRY” Ransomware. This ransomware was transmit by e-mail, target people were sent with encrypted compressed file and once it loads into system it allows the ransomware to attack the target. After attacking the system, it starts flashing ransom message on screen demanding around $300 for encryption key to unlock the data.

Now its been a year since the wannacry cyber attack, but some people still have questions on how to safeguard their system from ransomwares like Wannacry. So around first anniversary of Wannacry ransomware cyber attack, here we are bringing you some simple measures or steps to safeguard your system from ransomwares and all other type of cyber attack.

Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks like “Ransomware”

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  1. Regularly updates the software of Operating System. This is the most important step in preventing your system from any cyber attack. Just like in case of Wannacry ransomware, it attack only windows OS due to the flaw in the old version. But the most shocking news was that there was a fix available for wannacry ransomware around 8 weeks before the attack. So it is wise to regularly update software of your operating system whichever it is like LINUX, Windows, Mac etc
  2. Install a good Antivirus Software and regularly update it. This is because a good antivirus software will help to prevent your system to get infected from malware or ransomware.
  3. Always take backups of data of all important information from computer and regularly keep checking the contents of back up for any malicious encrypted content or malicious scripts. Also, store this backup offline.
  4. Always take preventive measures against the suspicious e-mails and web pop-ups. One must not open links inside the e-mails that looks fishy.
  5. One must block all the files attachments with file-types as follow:.exe|.pif|.tmp|.url|.vb|.vbe|.scr|.reg|.cer|.pst|.cmd|.com|.bat|.dll|.dat|.hlp|.hta|.js|.wsf
  6. One must implement the Software Restriction Policies (SRP) to block files or binaries running from %Appdata% and %Temp%. As these are the places from where ransomware executes its operations.
  7. One must disable remote Desktop Connections.
  8. Also, it is advisable to restrict user permission to install and run unwanted softwares.
  9. One must always follow safe practices while browsing the web. As this will prevent users from unwanted web pop-ups.

One must always follow safe practices while browsing the web. As this will prevent users from unwanted web pop-ups.

In addition to this, people are encouraged to not pay any ransom amount to hackers as there is no guarantee that will release the encryption key or unlock your data.

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