Printer has become a very important necessity in today’s modern world. Before we go further we must understand What Is PRINTER? Printer is defined as the device which represents human readable presentation of images or text on paper. That’s why maintenance or cleaning of any printer is necessary.

Also, cleaning of printer is important if one want to use it for a long time. Now cleaning the outside of printer is very easy. A person need to use dry soft cloth preferably cotton to clean the outside. It will help to save the printer from the dust.

But the main question remains i.e, How to clean the inside of Printer? As there are some sensitive parts in the inner part of printer so one need to learn some special techniques. Therefore, we have provided some simple steps on cleaning the inside of inkjet printer and laser printer.

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Tips To Clean Inner Parts Of Inkjet Printer

For cleaning inside of inkjet printer, one needs to follow below measures:

  1. First and most important step to clean printer is to unplug it as it may result in accident while cleaning.
  2. Secondly, properly handle the printer ink blotches and splotches.
  3. Now start the main work. Take a soft cotton cloth and dip it in water or alcohol and start cleaning the roller. While cleaning, do take that the liquid does not soak the roller or cotton. As it will result in ruining the printer.
  4. One can also do this process by placing liquid on printing paper, then feed it into printer and switch on the printer’s feed button. Repeat this process several times if necessary.
  5. Always remember not to use vacuum cleaner to clean inside dust of printer. It is better to use the button that helps cleaning other important part of printer.
  6. Lastly, if one wants to clean the cartridge of printer, they can do so by using soft cotton cloth. Dab it in alcohol and gently rub the rollers as too much pressure is of no use.

Tips To Clean Inner Parts Of Laser Printer

For cleaning inside of laser printer, use the below measures:

  1. First step starts by removing the toner cartridge
  2. Secondly, use Toner Vacuum to clean inner parts of laser toner. Now Toner Vacuum is costly but is much safer as compared to regular vacuum cleaners.
  3. Thirdly, use Toner cloth to clean or dust off laser toner cartridge from toner particles. It will be helpful after using toner vacuum as it will clean the remaining particles.
  4. Fourth step is removing the crevices fro toner (Vacuum areas when needed).
  5. Always remember not to use vacuum or brush to clean corona wire as it is very sensitive wire. One can use soft cotton cloth dipped in alcohol to clean this part gently.
  6. Now lastly, re-insert the cartridge and check whether printer is working or not.

These are some simple steps to clean your printer. Also, some cleaning tips are also provided in each printer manual. So, one should read it.

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